Think about some of the greatest wargames you have ever witnessed or played in and then try to remember what made them so great (besides the victory). Iam sure a big part of it was the scenery & terrain.

Scenery and terrain are vital elements of a miniature wargame, and creating it can be as fun, relaxing, and rewarding as playing the game.

At Legions Hobbies & Games we take pride in having some of the most aesthetically impressive tables ever open to the public in a retail store and want to share some of the tricks and skills our staff and community have used to create our terrain and some of their personal projects as well. 

This section of MASTER'S Workshop is intended to be a resource for the craft of scenery/terrain modeling for wargamers. It is not specific to any game, scale, or genre.

MASTER'S Workshop Scenery & Terrain
Aquarium Ruins
Cryxian Mining Rigs
Metheda Fortification (Menoth)
   (Great for any game of same scale)
Building a Roadhouse
Building a Water Tower
Dragon's Teeth Made Cheap & Easy
   (Great for 28mm WWII & Warhammer 40K)
Office of Chancellory and Exchequer
Half Timbered Cottage
Village Blacksmith
Windmill at Mulburton
Towne Gate at Dunbrough
Caverns of Doom / Crypt of the Sorcerer
The Regal Beagle, Townhouse
Mordheim Burg Ruin
Empire Häuserblock Ruin
Mordheim Ruin





We are always looking for contributors for the MASTER'S Workshop.  If you would like to contribute a tip or article for consideration please email us at We will give you full credit in the article and regular contributors of articles and guides will earn future product discounts for their efforts and dedication to growing the Master’s Workshop and what we believe will become a valuable reference for everyone committed to improving their skills.







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