Legions has one of the largest selections of most game systems and products in the country in stock all the time.

Please check our website e-store for a more complete overview of our product offerings (even more to come online soon so call if you do not see what you are looking for)

A highlight of lines includes:

Games Workshop
Legion's is a Partner Level GW Retail Store and we carry a full inventory of all of Games Workshop's products including Warhammer, 40K, Warhammer Historical, Lord of the Rings, Blood Bowl, Black Library, Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, Dark Heresy RPG, Warhammer Fantasy RPG & Mordheim. We also have a limited inventory of Forge World right now.
Games Workshop does not permit retailers to sell their products online so if you are interested in placing and order for Games Workshop (discounted) please contact us at (412) 366.3725 or info@legionsgames.com

We are one of the largest Flames of War dealers in the country. Not only do we have a very strong in store gaming community we carry the full line and back stock inventory to insure that you are able to fill out that platoon & squad with out waiting.

We carry the full line of Warmachine & Hoards. Please call if you are looking to order. This line will be on the e-store very soon

We carry most Wizards of the Coast Products and most are sold at 20% off everyday. This included D&D Miniatures, Star Wars Miniatures, D&D RPG, Magic The Gathering & More

We stock JR Miniatures, Citadel, Battlefield Accessories, Pegasus, Armorcast, Miniature Building Authority, Landmark, Old Glory, Woodlands Scenics, Hovels, Ziteredes, Peter Pig & More.

We carry the full line of Vallejo Model Color, Game Color, Model Air and Panzer Aces. Other Paint Lines we Carry a full line of include Privateer P3, Tamiya, Games Workshop Citadel Colors (Washes, Citadel Color, & Foundation). If you need top quality tools, bases, brushes, glue & more rest assured we have it from most of the top manufactures like Squadron, Zap, Citadel, Vallejo, Gale Force Nine & More.

Card & Boardgames
We carry most games by Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, Avalon Hill, Mayfair Games, Avalanche Press, Twilight Creations & More. Also we have a nice selection of several older Avalon Hill Games that are long out of Print such as Squad Leader, Up Front, Gettysburg and More. All new Board Games are at 20% off all the time.

Historic, Fantasy & Pulp Miniatures & Rules
We have one of the best selections of 28mm & 15mm miniatures available anywhere. Whether you are looking for Roman Legionnaires, a Sci-Fi skirmish or German WWII Panzer Grenadiers we have it. We carry lines by Artizan, Peter Pig, Command Decision, Battle Honors, Old Glory, Crusader, Bolt Action, Company B, Ebob, Infinity, Rezolution, Hell Dorado, Reaper, Dragon Blood & More.

We have so much more than the items listed above and what is in our e-store so if you don't see it either stop by or be sure to please contact us at (412) 366.3725 or info@legionsgames.com - remember free shipping on orders over 75.00






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