Gaming at legions is always free and is a great chance for you to play your armies against new opponents or against your regular gaming buddies. We provide the tables and terrain – you provide the models and generate the fun!

If you are looking for an opponent to play during your visit try posting or searching our “Seek and Destroy" section in the Legions Message Boards.

We have tons of gaming space with 6 amazing tables set up all the time and 10 more we can add or rotate depending on what genre you want to play including 4 realistic 2x2 DBA tables. We also have an onsite table workshop so we are always creating new tables so our gaming environment is very versatile.

The scenery selection at Legions is incredible and here is a list of just some of what is to be found here:

ForgeWorld Imperial City
40K Imperial City (GW) – 2 tables worth
28MM Desert (Great for WWII & Modern Combat)
15mm WWII (Normandy Buildings, Stalingrad, Beach Landing, Desert & More)
28mm WWII  European Houses
12 Citadel Woods (3 Trees on Base)
Over 100 Realistic Tree Bases (More Being Built!!)
Ork Terrain – WAAAGH!!!
Several Roads
Several Ruins, Rubble, Smaller Cool pieces
Forgeworld Tyranid Capillary Towers and Spore Chimney
Forgeworld Downed Valkyrie
Hills to match every table

Much More…..

And much more to come -  including the Full Forgeworld Aphelion Base we bought at Gamesday Last year.

We also have knowledgeable staff on hand to help with rules and answer other question you may have during your time here.

Don't forget your dice, rulers, templates and books and come have fun!






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