Welcome to Legions Hobbies and Games located in Pittsburgh, PA

Whether it's the clash of steel against steel in Warhammer 40K and Warmachine or the rattle of machine gun fire in Flames of War our store helps puts you in command of the action and gives you opportunity to relive the excitement of famous military conflicts or create a journey into a futuristic or fantasy world and battle for an undetermined fate.

Our staff are all gamers, painters, and hobbyists of the highest level! So no matter if you want to get a free painting lesson or talk advanced tactics we have you covered. Our store runs countless games nights, hobby clinics and beginners games that you are invited to join. It's fun, free and a great way to learn about the hobby and meet new friends – So stop in!!!

If you are not sure what Miniature wargaming is all about or you are excited about fighting fast-paced battles across a tabletop with miniatures to represent your combatants, you have come to the right place!




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